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Our transversal solutions

For you, we design, realize and maintain pragmatic, reliable and efficient digital solutions. To this end, we have assembled "bricks" in transversal solutions to offer them in "service on demand" mode.


In this Cross Solution, ABISSA decided to assemble certain services, bricks, hardware modules and software in a coherent whole: the SmartSystem®. Its goal: to optimize the administrative and repetitive processes that the administrative departments face in their office use ("Smart Business Process Automation"). This includes improving the structuring and flow of data, rethinking processes by automating repetitive tasks, and using and configuring the existing IT infrastructure as well as possible. The gain of money and time obtained often exceeds the investment made.


This Cross Solution aims to harmoniously integrate all IT and digital systems in the organization, hence the name BridgeData®. The aim is to create bridges and to harmonize the various computer systems of the organization, which often cohabit with difficulty and do not communicate.


This Cross Solution meets the immediate digital needs of a new company, whether it involves the implementation of a startup, the European or global headquarters of a multinational in Switzerland, the relocation of the company's headquarters or the opening of a local subsidiary.


This Cross Solution responds to the need to adapt a company or an organization to the new digital world. With the help of InnovationCheck®, ABISSA experts commissioned draw up the current application map of the company and its future situation on the ideal digital map.

We are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the implementation of our Cross Solutions.


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