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This Cross Solution aims to harmoniously integrate all IT and digital systems in the organization, hence the name BridgeData®. The aim is to create bridges and to harmonize the various computer systems of the organization, which often cohabit with difficulty and do not communicate.

Some examples of real cases that the use of BridgeData® could have avoided:

A) The database that a computer-savvy collaborator has developed and without which the invoice reminders cannot be sent. Problem: this employee has retired and the interface has been out of operation for two months.

B) The data transfer module from the HR software to the accounting software that did not support the migration to a new version.

C) Replacing an old ERP software with several modern and innovative modules that require many expensive interfaces.


With this Cross Solution, ABISSA answers most of the problems of integration and optimization of the flow of information of a company. This is based on the implementation of the innovative communications hub concept. Deployed with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) software, our specialists configure all the business rules and transformations that orchestrate the organization's information system. The chosen BSE is a key market tool.

We are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the implementation of our Cross Solutions.


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