Commercial electronic document conversion system for the Swiss healthcare market

In Switzerland, the main active healthcare partners (wholesalers and pharmaceutical firms) exchange information between them using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) UN/EDIFACT files.
Taking this opportunity, GHX Switzerland asked ABISSA to develop Logigate® in order to provide firms and hospitals with an alternative solution at lower cost for an easy use of EDI.

PREVIOUS TECHNOLOGIES Each business partner exchanged documents by fax.
is the provider of this leading eProcurement solution for the Swiss pharma market.
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The Challenges

  • Different file formats to be converted.
  • Ability to receive or to send files
  • Use of different communication channels.
  • Dataflow management.
  • Data validation and conformance.
  • System adaptability
  • Infrastructure cost optimization

Microsoft BIZTALK® Server

With BizTalk® Server product, Microsoft offers a system server that replies to all points of the Logigate specifications.
The advantage of BizTalk® Server is to propose a global solution within Microsoft’s framework of applications and tools:

  • Interoperability / flexibility / scalability
  • A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • A Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Every needed Adapters
  • A unique development tool

The Project

ABISSA developed a whole system able to receive, analyze, convert and organize the routing of the electronic documents emitted by GHX customers.
Thanks to its strict authentication process, the system manages the reception of any type of electronic document sent (orders, order responses, delivery reports or invoices).
Then, the system converts these files in an intermediary format allowing the start of the internal management processes: data checks, addressee search of the document, selection of the destination file format and archiving of the data. At the end of this process, the file is converted to the desired format and redirected to the addressee via the suited channel.
The service is supported by a centralized error management system: at the first detected error, the customers are immediately notified by e-mail.
The system is built as PaaS, which means virtual hosting in our datacenter and under SPLA Licensing.

The Results

  • Full digitalization of the processes
  • Response time optimization for the addressee
  • Lowering of the costs for every partner.
  • Full monitoring

Full Digitalization

Lower Costs

Documents / Month

From The Client

"Logigate optimises Hospitals purchase-to-pay processes for pharma products, saving their time and money. It gives them visibility into their supply chain so they can see what they ordered and from which supplier. With ordering taken care of, they can spend more time on patient care."

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